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February 28, 2007

Pigs In Top Hats vs. Giant Workers With Small Heads

There is a four DVD set called Animated Soviet Propaganda now available.
It might be possible to come up with a title more likely to appeal to my interest than Animated Soviet Propaganda but that would really take some doing. This one goes to the head of the list, at least until somebody brings out Animated Maoist Propaganda.

According to a review:

Stretching from the early silent films of the '20s to a stop-motion short from 1984, the set vilifies capitalists (particularly Americans), touts Communist values, repeatedly re-lives the Bolshevik Revolution, and bemoans the fate of victimized workers in other countries. The four discs--"American Imperialists," "Fascist Barbarians," "Capitalist Sharks," and "Onward To The Shining Future: Communism"--break the contents down into categories, which makes for some redundancy, but allows comparisons of ideologies and images over time. Not that much changes; the animation matures greatly, but the visual shorthand stays much the same. Workers are strong-chinned, noble, and generic, capitalists are fat, piggish cigar-chompers, and foreigners are ugly caricatures similar to those seen in American World War II propaganda--even though several of these shorts specifically emphasize racial brotherhood, and condemn how America exploits, abuses, and segregates its African-American citizens.

Unfortunately the set is pretty expensive (one hundred bucks). But for now, it's possible to watch the documentary portion of the collection for free here:

Posted by smclemee at February 28, 2007 1:41 PM


If it includes the "Worker and Parasite" cartoons, I am so there!

Posted by: Chris Tucker at March 3, 2007 11:16 PM