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February 16, 2007

And in a Few Short Years, I Will Be Emeritus

When the news came over the weekend that Jewcy, a website run by young Jewish writers, would be offering running commentary about Crooked Timber, where I blog, my initial response was great interest in seeing what would happen.

As friends know, I always wanted to be a young Jewish writer. That is not a joke. That it proved not to be possible has been one of life's great disappointments. All those readings of Norman Podhoretz's memoirs, and for what?

Well, the lingering sadness has been renewed, and compounded, by the actuality of the past few days of "Movable Snipe," the Jewcy feature in question. See my post expressing the disappointment, and putting it into context, here.

In response to my commentary, someone made me a professor and gave me tenure. I find that this happens from time to time.

As so often happens, I find that the definitive statement in this matter was made long ago by Woody Allen: "I should have finished my degree in black studies. By now I could be black."

Posted by smclemee at February 16, 2007 12:04 PM