Anachronisms Happen

Via Susan Scheid, I learned that the Ghost Ensemble’s performance of my piece Sang Plato’s Ghost and other works actually got a review, by George Grella. I didn’t think that kind of thing happened anymore.


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    I introduced myself to you briefly after the concert, but I never like to draw attention to what I’m doing. I try to get reviews of as much generally neglected new music as I can.

    KG replies: Well I appreciate it, less as a composer than for the fact that someone’s finally doing what I did for decades. Covering neglected music is like documenting political corruption or feeding the poor, you’ll never run out of work.

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      As an admirer of what you did for decades, I’m trying to follow that path as much as logistics, economics and fatherhood allows!

      KG replies: Well, thank you. Be careful, they can allow it more than you’d think.

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    I was so happy to see the review, even more so as I had the chance to hear the piece myself (thanks to you for making it available). I realize now I should have alerted you directly–I thought you’d have known! (I now have in my possession a CD of Private Dances, by the way, which has given me great pleasure. On Reading Emerson is a particular favorite.)

    KG replies: Thanks, Susan. I think of the Emerson piece as one of my least characteristic (and it was written on a tight deadline for Sarah), but it came out well enough I should think of writing more non-characteristic pieces.