November While It’s Still November

When I moved my web site I didn’t re-upload the four-plus-hour recording Sarah Cahill and I made in Kansas City of Dennis Johnson’s minimalist piano classic November. Several people have asked me to reinstall it and I keep forgetting, but it’s up here now. Andy Lee is recording the piece for the Irritable Hedgehog label, so there will be an excellent commercial studio recording out soon. I’ll let you know.


  1. Bill B says

    Kyle: Please check the first music download (not the intro, but the first of the four parts) which seems to be only about 8 minutes long, not the promised hour plus … or am I missing something obvious? BB

    KG replies: Hi Bill. Well, I’m listening to it now, and 27 minutes into it. Perhaps you were listening when I uploaded a new version with the intro cut off.