Oh Yeah, I’m a Composer

After a dry spell, I’m suddenly having eight nine performances in five months, with six world premieres included. (I guess for a lot of composers, nine in five months still sounds like a dry spell.) Two of the premieres slipped by me because I’m not very good at keeping track of dates. On June 23, Aron Kallay premiered my Echoes of Nothing at Beyond Baroque in Venice, California. Last Friday, August 17, Italian pianist Emanuele Arciuli premiered my Earth-Preserving Chant on a program of American Indian-inspired music by Peter Garland, John Luther Adams, Mort Subotnick, Martin Bresnick, Michael Daugherty, and Huang Ruo. Hopefully recordings of my two pieces will be on my website soon, but don’t have ’em yet.

I’ll try to get the rest straight in case you want to go. Two of them are at Bard College.

Sept.7: Relache premieres the live-performed version of my The Planets with video by John Sanborn in Philadelphia at the Barnes Foundation, 2025 Benjamin Franklin Parkway 6 PM. I can’t be there, dammit.

Sept. 9: Johnny Reinhard and I are sharing a concert in New York City at Spectrum, 121 Ludlow St. I’ll play some microtonal keyboard works. Lord knows what Johnny’ll do. Play pitches even closer together than mine, probably.

Sept. 13: Relache repeats the Planets-with-video performance in Olin Auditorium, at Bard College, 8 PM.

Sept. 19-21: I give the keynote address for a Harry Partch conference at Northeastern University, and my piece The Unnameable will be played. Don’t know the schedule yet.

Sept. 27: Nicolas Horvath will premiere my Going to Bed: Homage to Glass at the Variety Theater in Monaco, in a Glass concert with the Nice Instrumental Ensemble.

Oct. 5: Aron Kallay will play microtonal keyboard works, including Echoes of Nothing, and soprano Martha Herr will sing American and Brazilian new music including my S.J. Perelman-based electronic mini-opera Scenario, in Blum Hall at Bard, 8 PM. I wrote Scenario seven years ago, and hadn’t been able to get a singer to perform it, but I think it’s one of my best works. And very funny. S.J. Perelman is a hero of mine, and Martha (who premiered Feldman’s Beckett-opera Neither) is one of my oldest friends.

Oct. 19: My orchestra piece Serenity Meditation, based on two songs by Ives, will be premiered at the Bowling Green State University new music festival.

Need to get more attentive to my PR.


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    I hope to make that Spectrum show. If so, I’ll say hello. It’s been a while!

    KG replies: That’ll make it worth the torture of performing!