Revisionist History of a Term

Yesterday, after almost polishing off my article on postminimalism for The Ashgate Companion to Minimalist Music, I posted a description of my LexisNexis search for the origins of the musical use of the term postminimalism. Perhaps you read it before it disappeared. I traced the term back to a Jon Pareles review of March, 1983, and added some references by Joshua Kosman, K. Robert Schwarz, and Keith Potter. Then the inexhaustible Galen Brown wrote in to tell me about some earlier references I had missed. He was right. But then I noticed, in the … [Read more...]

Virtual Ashley Playground

Robert Ashley

University of Illinois Press doesn't allow musical examples in their books (scares off too many prospective buyers, I guess), and so, like so many musicological authors these days, I'm putting my musical examples for Robert Ashley on the internet. I've started a Robert Ashley Web Page on which you can see excerpts from Ashley's scores, hear some brief audio examples, and see a little analysis. Five pages are up now, covering passages from the Piano Sonata of 1959, Perfect Lives, eL/Aficionado, Outcome Inevitable, and Celestial Excursions. I'll … [Read more...]