Oops – Gann Was on WNYC

Geez, Louise, you'd think I'd be more media-savvy after 23 years in the media. But it didn't occur to me to mention, here in my blog, part of the purpose of which is self-promotion, that I was going to be interviewed at 2 PM today on John Schaefer's Soundcheck program on WNYC. John can no longer archive his programs on the web because of potential copyright issues concerning live music, but there was no live music on my show, and so I don't think it will raise any problems that I've posted a recording of the half-hour interview here. (Like … [Read more...]

In Theory Only

Corey Dargel - singer extraordinaire, writer of touching songs, and the only composer I know of still in his 20s (though there may be ones I haven't heard) who is carrying on the Downtown tradition of making technological music in which the technology is subsumed into the feelings involved - Corey has raised an issue over at Sequenza 21 that I have been struggling with for years. At issue is whether teaching music theory to music students warps them in some way, and ruins their natural intuitions about music. Specifically, he asks, Could … [Read more...]

Begging for Beglarian

As I suspected, that frail reed on which Postclassic Radio depends, Live365, has done nothing toward restoring my playlist of mp3s, and I am starting over from scratch. [UPDATE: They've retrieved four of my Charlemagne Palestine tracks.] Don't expect restoration to proceed quickly, because I already had other commitments this week. I am first reposting all the pieces I had put up in mid-June, including the choral mini-festival of works by Lentz, Giteck, Leach, and myself. Past that, I guess I'll just do a big overhaul. And July's … [Read more...]


Sorry, there seems to have been some nuclear disaster at Live365.com, and everything on Postclassic Radio was erased. They're supposedly reloading everything from their backup, and I've put some of the Mary Jane Leach tracks back up, just in case. If there were some better station to work from, I'd use it, believe me. I have no idea when things will be set right again, or whether I'll have to start over from scratch. … [Read more...]