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I am a writer and critic on performance, books and film and currently write for, among others, the Sunday Times and Literary Review. I'm also a lifelong Londoner: it's the perfect city for connecting to art forms that both look back and spring forward.

Writing on the arts began as a sideline, while I wasn't finishing an unfinished PhD. Many of my jobs were remarkably poorly paid (and continue to be - oh, I know my niche). Some weren't quite me - editing the movie section for a glossy mag where the editor sighed that the Nazis had a great look was something of a low.

I have also written for marvellous editors on magazines that are wonderfully committed to their subject, including Plays International (where I am books editor), Dancing Times and Sight & Sound. And I graduated to grown-up papers: the Sunday Times, Financial Times, Observer and Guardian in the UK, plus occasional work for the Washington Post and Toronto Globe & Mail. 

I also edit stuff too - lots of theatre programmes in the past, and currently Dance Gazette, the magazine of the Royal Academy of Dance. Making discoveries, encountering new artists and works, discussing subjects with enthusiasts and drawing on their enthusiasm - it's been a continuing, enlivening education.

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