A Repost Re: Photographer Milton Rogovin

By Milton Rogovin. Copyright and reprinted with the permission of the Rogovin Collection LLC and the Board of Regents at the University of Arizona.

“Out There” has been on indefinite holiday, but during this cheerful pre-election period of lies, greed, and cynicism, Daylight Magazine has taken the opportunity to repost a video slideshow (with an odd voice, mine) about a man whose life was an antidote to all these awful things: the late photographer Milton Rogovin.

So I’m using this opportunity to say hello, “Out There” friends, and cheer you up with an appreciation of a life lived right — rather, left.


  1. Nick Rabkin says

    I enjoyed seeing Rogovin’s pictures and hearing your voice and words, Jeff. You got Rogovin exactly right, and found “those who hide behind art to ignore the world” to be such an apt description of what is wrong with so much of the arts in our benighted country. Hope you are well…..Nick