Occupy My Wallet?

"Protest Stencil Toolkit" samples in a gallery

Late last week I received this email:

Attn Jeff Weinstein, Blogger
Out There
In light of the current Wall Street protests, the PROTEST STENCIL TOOLKIT could
really come in handy. A clever book of die-cut stencils, each page reflects a
concern (financial, environmental, political…) while including examples from
the great protest movements of the 20th century. An interesting resource for
designers and artists, this book is also a serious look at the powerful graphics
of protest.
J-pegs and books are available upon request. Thanks for sharing this timely
book with your followers.
Debra Matsumoto
US Press & Marketing
Laurence King Publishing

Gosh, I had so much trouble fitting “Get Anita Bryant Off Our Breakfast Tables” on one sheet of oaktag, so maybe this would help. Odd that I couldn’t find a link to the book, so I Googled it. Protest Stencil Toolkit was done in the U.K. by one Patrick Thomas, also invisible in the email, and published in May.

What a smart firm, to have anticipated such a trenchant mass-consumer market. Here’s the beyond-apt catalog copy:

The enabling tome by Patrick Thomas

With this book anyone can create protest graphics. The 46 die-cut stencils, plus a bespoke typeface, can be combined to create both slogans and powerful visual messages, and are robust enough to be re-used any number of times. There are classic symbols from the great protest movements of the twentieth century, as well as new images reflecting contemporary concerns – such as the environment and the economy. These are the building blocks of visual statement, and this book is the essential toolkit for the graphics of protest.

I especially like “robust enough to be re-used any number of times” — like, for the rest of our lives.  I myself am looking for a way to incorporate that sweet cow, above.

Reader quiz: Can we think of any other backlist gems to piggyback on current events? Das Kapital doesn’t count.

Overhead shot of Occupy Times Square, Oct. 15, 2011