Facebook Writes a Piece for Me

How Obit Mag piece writes itself, step one

Facebook has been taking so much of my time, funneling the long, elegant, profound writing I am sure I would be doing into a digital kiddie pool surrounded by a classic backyard fence. It’s as if, by adding my occasional two cents, I can claim the whole Facebook fortune.

No jokes, please.

But I really like my loquacious Friends, and so, I thought one recent lazy morning, why don’t I ask them to tell me about stuff, things, objects in their past like girdles and 8-tracks that they are glad are gone. (I was really thinking about Facebook and how it would be gone, replaced by Google+, but that’s too meta for mid-August.)

As you can see at left, they answered right away. And over and over! They interacted, argued, bonded. I’ll never have to sweat my own stuff again.

So here’s the result, a piece for Obit Magazine called “We’re Glad They’re Dead” that simply fashioned itself. Watch out, HuffPo copy-thieves, here I come.

And friends, don’t forget to Friend me. I need ideas.