Newspaper Fate

metzger1.jpgDo you want to pay for your newswith dead trees or the predation of oil? In this case, the form of payment itself makes news.

The news corpus above is part of a new artwork by Gustav Metzger shown in a small basement space in New York’s Lower East Side. E-flux, at 41 Essex St., is right near not one but two Orthodox Jewish ephemera shops and the Pickle Guys, where school kids line up for half-sours among barrels of brined turnips and pineapple chunks.
At e-flux, “the viewer is invited to cut out articles related to the topics ‘credit crunch,’ ‘extinction,’ and ‘the way we live now’ ” and put them up on the wall. The piece is called Mass Media: Today and Yesterday.
How many words is a picture of a thousand newspapers worth?
We’re in a pickle, aren’t we.
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