Helen Levitt — Pictures and Words

I don't usually like my own voice, but the pictures make the sound easier to bear. Here are links to Obit Mag and also Daylight Magazine, where this appears. For an automatic alert when there is a new Out There post, email jiweinste@aol.com.     … [Read more...]

No. 1 Ladies’ Detective — With Apostrophe, Praise

Rarely has this writer, even in the guise of critic, thought it wise to promote a product without immersing the recommendation in a cleansing bath of context. A pleasing exhibition? Look at the history, the economy that produced the work. A fine restaurant? Look at the economy, the history that ... .  Yes, I know. But the result need not be hortatory or didactic, and may be at least a bit more defensible than writing long-form blurbs. Except in this case. I want you to watch a new HBO series, period. It's … [Read more...]