I Have Never Depended on the Kindness of Judges, but …

…Yesterday’s court-tossed wedding bouquet was caught by me and thousands of others who will visit City Halls all over California in a state of “finally” and make it legal. Of course, the decision to allow queer marriage can be reversed by referendumb as soon as November. In the meantime, here’s a quasi-update to my very last, coincidental post, “Gay Rice”:

So, ladies and gents and everyone in between, why has it taken so long to have a pissy little gay wedding on network television? Yes, we’re in California, not Massachusetts, so no wedding, just wedding simulacrum. Maybe, soon, they’ll wake me in the nursing home: “Hey, Jeff, they’re about to have a real gay wedding, and each and every parent is actually in the mosque.”  No idea, but I’m relieved the justice system finally caught up with ABC-TV. I’ve always depended upon what William Blake once wrote: “What is now proved was once only imagin’d” — even if imagin’d on Brothers and Sisters.

When that happens, I’ll take Guess it’s time to take a piece of my piece of chocolate donut out of the freezer.


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    Three cheers for California, the state where my own 7-year marriage ended. (The wedding was in Portland, ME, non-legal and, it turned out, non-binding.) Equality is a gorgeous thing, allowing both status and benefits, as well as the chance to go through months of couples’ counseling in order to dissolve a gift-ridden, long-term misunderstanding. When a trust and communication test are part of every marriage licence, THAT’S when I’ll declare a state government to be progressive…
    (…said with all due love and respect for those of you getting hitched, along with genuine support and admiration for your relationships.)