The Frozen Sound

Do Children Still Hunger for the Past? My brother and I were early TV-babies, and the family's first set, a blond-wood Zenith, had a screen the size and shape of a salad plate. Although he did the usual little-brother things like bite me on the leg when he was mad, Les and I watched everything together, making fun of sitcom characters (like handsome but prim Mr. Boynton in Our Miss Brooks) or singing dirty-word versions of theme songs and jingles. All that seems normal, but we also did something with TV that I really can't explain. When those … [Read more...]

With Friends Like These

Sascha Radetsky of ABT. He'll meet you outside. Tight Deadline There's a peculiar first-person piece in the latest issue of Newsweek, odd as much from an editing point of view as from a writer's or reader's. "Don't Judge Me by My Tights," offered as a "My Turn" column, is a credo by American Ballet Theater soloist Sascha Radetsky that can be summed up in one short swipe: Don't think I'm a sissy because I dance ballet. Those limp, nancy cliches, he writes, have nothing to do with what he really does: On an average day at the job, I handle lithe, … [Read more...]