Disparate Housewives

Guess which one keeps house. Stereotype-Casting Welcome, readers and friends, to the rollout of Out There. I've never been able to figure out if "looking forward" to something -- like the chicken soup with skinny noodles I had every Friday night as a kid -- is crucial to the arts. The satisfaction you get from the next installment of what you already enjoy sounds like innovation's enemy. What contemporary lover of Impressionism could "look forward" to Picasso? But narrative junkies know that anticipation is impossible to banish, which is why … [Read more...]

Out There

The media make a potentially fatal mistake by dividing arts coverage into high and low, old and young, and by trivializing our passionate attraction to things. In Out There I propose that all creative expression has the potential to be both thought-provoking and popular; to write about flea markets as if they were museums (and vice versa); to celebrate singers and chefs. A short example: … [Read more...]

Jeff Weinstein

Based in New York, I've been an editor of arts coverage at New York's Soho Weekly News (1977-79); of visual arts and architecture criticism and much else at the Village Voice (1981-95, with a stint as managing editor of Artforum); of the fine arts at the Philadelphia Inquirer (1997-2006); of arts and culture at Bloomberg News (2006-07). Until recently deputy director of the USC Annenberg/Getty Arts Journalism Program and associate director of the NEA Arts Journalism Institute of Theater amd Musical Theater (whew), I am also a writer.... … [Read more...]

Some past work

I wrote and narrated a Daylight Magazine slideshow (click on "Read more" below to access it and the rest), an appreciation of the late photographer Milton Rogovin. Also one about the late photographer Helen Levitt. To go back in time, kindly click for information about my book Learning To Eat. … [Read more...]