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Thanks Arts Journal for the invitation to participate in the virtual dialogue; sorry I'm a little late to the party. The Music National Service Initiative (MNSi) is in the process of designing an Artist Corps program (called "MusicianCorps," launch Aug '09) that will leverage the talent and energy of performing musicians to expand access to music education...or maybe that should be "music experience" or "music engagement." 

I'm struck by the number of voices on the "content vs engagement in arts education" theme. Anti-traditionalists and engagement advocates seem to have all the votes. Bau Graves finds typical arts ed content to be culturally myopic and therefore irrelevant, while Jack Lew sees a problematic generational gap in arts classrooms. Eric Booth is always compelling with his "verbs over nouns" argument for arts education and Susan Sclafani seems to agree when she says "we need to look at what interests students and build upon that." 

Are there any dissenting voices in the choir? Does anyone think it's more important to "educate" a youngster in the European cannon than it is to engage her passion for garageband, hip-hop or Taiko drumming (as long as she's building the core skills of musical literacy)? Can a Musician/Artist Corps contribute to current efforts in the field to reach more kids where they are today while helping them develop relevant skills (and joy) through art for a lifetime? 

What say ye?

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