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this_is_my_purim_costume_t_shirt-p235238275820830339tr91_210.jpgI know I've been working the Jewish angle pretty hard lately, but really, with Purim starting tomorrow and all, this time I just couldn't resist. Why? Because it's totally relevant. Purim is a drama-filled holiday, the Jewish Halloween, really, where everyone dresses up like their favorite character, gets really drunk (actually, the rule is, you're supposed to get so drunk you don't know the difference between Mordecai--good guy--and Haman--bad guy), and performs a dramatic reading of the whole story. And you thought the Irish owned that sort of thing.

Tonight there's a whole lot of top-shelf Purim happening in New York, and by top-shelf, I don't mean Manischewitz. 

There's the Fifth Annual Broadway Purimshpiel, in which actors from just about every major production come together to nosh a little, raise some money and tell a little story 'bout a man named Mordecai.

There's also the 92nd St. Y's Purim Party with The Daily Show's Wyatt Cenac and John Oliver, Jewish sketch comedians The Shushan Channel, and what are being billed as gourmet hamantaschen, which will probably draw more audience members than all the entertainment combined.

Of course, if you're like me and there's no chance you'll be anywhere near Manhattan (Or synagogue, sorry.) tonight, here's an article on making your shpiel shparkle.

(Below: The Shushan Channel, feat. Amy Sedaris, takes on Mad Men--thanks to Philip Graitcer for passing it along)

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