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Everyone loves an excuse to whip up a musical, but in the case of those affected by Prop 8, the urge comes naturally. After all, who loves musicals more than gay people and the people who love them? That's right bitches, no one.

Brought to you by the folks at Will Ferrell's Funny or Die, a comedy website that's often not all that funny (sorry, I'm a critic in all things), but boasts an impressive roster of A-list starpower, here's Prop 8: The Musical, featuring Jack Black, John C. Reilly and a whole lot of their friends whose names and faces you probably know. Who's missing? Curiously, it's the very funny Wanda Sykes--click here for her comedy routine on the subject--who was recently moved enough by the debate to come out as gay... And married to her partner. Hopefully she'll show up for round two.

Anyway, I don't know how much good it can do at this point, but hey, at least they're still keeping it on the radar. Or, um, gaydar. 

Bring it on home, Neil Patrick Harris.

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December 3, 2008 11:48 AM |
It's been a heckuva week, but you've done a heckuva job, brownies. Everyone, and by everyone, I mean even Fox News and Glenn Beck, is feeling cautiously optimistic about the nation's future. (But not Rush Limbaugh, who probably doesn't feel much besides outrage and cravings anyway; believe me, it takes one to know one.)

06456be0.pngSo in the spirit of a week that's made me feel like singing, I'm macking on: Musicals about American presidents. Kaufman and Hart's 1937 I'd Rather Be Right featured George M. Cohan as a singing, dancing--yes, dancing--Franklin Delano Roosevelt, proving that theater showed long ago that with the right guy in charge, anything is possible. Two other, more dubious presidential tributes come from my new favorite company, Les Freres Corbusier. (Their latest musical, Dance Dance Revolution, based on, um, Dance Dance Revolution, opens at New York's Ohio Theater in December. I'll take two comps, please. Pretty please.)  Corbusier's 2003 glam musical President Harding is a Rock Star (in production in D.C. right now--thanks to DCist's Missy Frederick for the tipoff and please comment here about the production. I'm DYING to know.) and 2006 emo musical about the founder of the Democratic party, Bloody, Bloody Andrew Jackson, trace W. right back to his populist roots with a pair of mavericks who went rogue, and got elected for it. Finally, there's Kenya's entry into this category, Obama: The Musical. I don't know how good it is, but I know a whole lot of people over there are damn glad to be singing about someone who knows that their nation is on a continent called Africa.

There's one missing missing from this list, and I know it's a biggie, but under the circumstances, let's just acknowledge that it exists and move on. There will be plenty of time during the next four years to worry about meth-fueled skinheads. Right now, I'm happy to watch the curtain go up on the newest presidential show in town, and I'm hoping this one's a winner. 

This week I'm hating on: Prop 8. Because it sucks, as I think every other drama queen among my readership would agree. This election was all about change, and though there's been a small setback on the issue of gay marriage, I see it as an opportunity to the issue to a larger stage, as in the Supreme Court. Take heart lovers, the ACLU has taken up the fight, and since I come from the city of Rocky, I ain't ready to call it for the bad guys just yet. 

Below: Obama, the Musical (minus the very unpresidential crotch-grabbing dance numbers. If you want those, they're here.)
November 7, 2008 6:15 AM | | Comments (2)
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