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jesusstatues.jpgbeatles1c.jpgLong, long ago, John Lennon got in big trouble for comparing the Beatles' popularity to Jesus'. Well, it looks like the competition's still going strong, because there are roughly as many Beatles imitators out there as performers clad in Jesus robes. Ok, maybe Jesus is winning that one, and he's probably ahead on the merchandising end too. But still, the boys aren't doing too shabby. 

The thing is, it's just plain weird reviewing a show like the latest Beatles tribute, She Loves You! It's not theater, really, and it's not a concert, really. It's kitsch, plain and simple, and I'm just not sure how I feel about guaranteeing it a place alongside reviews of real theater and real theater companies. We all saw Caddyshack, right? We all know what happens when there's a turd in the pool, even if it's an ersatz turd: everyone runs away, the water gets drained, and they're scared off the pool for a long time. And I'm not even saying the show was bad, just that it ought to be in a different category than theater. Maybe a "Casino-Ready" heading would do the trick. 

Here's my review of She Loves You!, from today's Philadelphia Inquirer. 

Below: I think you know what this is.
October 16, 2008 10:54 AM | | Comments (5)
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