vision fest looks at new orleans

New York's annual Vision Festival is one of my favorite annual events, not just for wall-to-wall musical improvisation at its freest, and often finest, but also for the context: Various art forms relating to each other in real time, plus an overarching sense of social and political purpose. When festival organizer and choreographer Patricia Parker asked me to moderate a panel about New Orleans, I jumped at the chance. Here's the details of tomorrow's event:

NEW ORLEANS: Culture, Crisis, and Community

How can music help heal New Orleans? What role should the arts play in rebuilding communities? Why does this city's storied culture find itself embattled? Why are so many residents still displaced or homeless?

A panel discussion


Moderator: Larry Blumenfeld, journalist

Panelists: Kalamu ya Salaam, poet/activist; Kent Jordan, musician/educator; Josh Neufeld, cartoonist/Red Cross volunteer; Emmanuel Pratt, urban planning researcher/digital media artist; Rob Cambre, producer; others

Wednesday, June 11th 5pm (until about 6:30)

Clemente Soto VĂ©lez Cultural Center

107 Suffolk Street

New York NY 10002

Presented by the 13th annual VISION FESTIVAL as a prelude to Wednesday night's Lifetime Achievement Celebration of Edward "Kidd" Jordan

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