stomping something sacred

When cops converge and musicians get arrested while singing a hymn, something unholy is afoot.

Below is my piece posted today at that discusses this latest chapter in the post-Katrina fight for culture in New Orleans. This was big news in New Orleans, and has stimulated much local debate: The issues raised deserve national attention. I'd be glad to hear your comments and thoughts -- especially so, if you care to post comments at the Salon site.

There's more to say than I could fit in the story: I'll spill it out here in days to come. And I'll keep you posted on what comes of a telling controversy.

Band on the run in New Orleans

Police have cracked down on funeral processions, a time-honored cultural tradition in the historic black neighborhood of Tremé. But musicians vow to play on.

Get the full story here. But first you can look at this YouTube clip of the streetcorner just after police had busted up a funeral procession for a beloved musician; it more closely resembles a murder scene.

October 29, 2007 12:46 PM |


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