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Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Gordon: Milwaukee Art Museum On Track

By David Gordon

Artsjournal chose to include two stories about the Milwaukee Art Museum from the Sunday edition of the local newspaper on April 27th. One was an over-long profile of me. The other was about our finances, a matter of genuine interest since our problems are well known.

I would like to assure your readers (and I am a loyal one myself) that  we are in good shape. We have conditional commitments for over $16m of the $25m target, this being the gap between the $125m cost of the Calatrava, the gardens, the refitting of the permanent collection, and the $100m so far raised. On an operating basis before interest and depreciation we made a surplus for each of the past two years since the Calatrava opened and if we miss a surplus this year it should be by a small margin. We have an exciting exhibitions and public program. We continue to make important acquisitions. We will shortly be recruiting two curators.

For reliable information please contact me direct on david.gordon@mam.org

David Gordon
Director, Milwaukee Art Museum

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