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Thursday, February 26, 2004

Leeds - Looking For A "Proper" Hall

By Pat Atkinson

I only came to Arts Journal weblogs recently but thoroughly enjoy the stimulating blend of serious and amusing features that you re-produce. I read Sam Bergman's account of the Minnesota Orchestra's visit to Leeds with particular interest. Every concert-goer and performer here knows exactly what you mean! Some people have been trying for a long time to get a 'proper' auditorium for our city, but it's an uphill struggle. Our institution has just opened The Venue, by common consent a place with fabulous state-of-the-art facilities and superb acoustics! It's only a 300 seater, so the MSO might be a squeeze, but next time Sam and his colleagues are in town if schedule permits, they should pay us a visit for some acoustic therapy! Best wishes

Pat Atkinson
Assistant Academic Registrar (Quality and Research)
Leeds College of Music

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