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Sunday, November 23, 2003

Interpret Ye Yourself

By Kelly Coleman

I have never been moved to give my response to a published perspective, however the congruent nature of thoughts is too delightful. The article titled, "Let's have more art with out explanation", so eloquently states a view that I strongly agree with.

It was always such a disturbance to me when college professors would insist on interpreting other peoples literature. If the author had cared for such duties then requests would have been made. As a poet, I find that interpretation is to its owner as the iris is to the individual. Thus, no two are exactly alike. Our belief systems create our reality and ultimately shape the manner in which we critique our surroundings.

A second point, given by the author was the indefinite distortion of interpretation when the senses are flooded by more than a single source. Studies have proven that our senses, being interconnected influence one another and thus taint the purity of the stimuli. I would be ever so grateful if further information on this author could be provided to me and thank you for your publication.


Kelly Coleman

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