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Monday, September 15, 2003

Beware The Thought Police

By L. Ford

Today's article (Sunday, Sept 14, 2003) in the NYTIMES by Eric Lichtblau on DOMESTIC SECURITY on the Bush Administration's intention to further cap judicial checks and balances is alarming as it moves us all the more further away from the democracy envisioned by our founding fathers!

There is a strange line of thinking slowly enveloping our nation and the tragedy of the World Trade Center is being used to foster it rather than crystallize our resolve for freedom! Limiting creative growth and expression are the first issues addressed when democracy is being "redefined". I wonder how far off the mark is Alexander Stille's article (published the day before in the NYTIMES ) that you have included today online under IDEAS? A new term may be needed because of the associations of the past with fascism but far too many underlying concepts remain the same. Is this a case of new clothes for the emperor or the concept of emperor?.

History shows us that the arts community is always the first affected by changes (as noted) in the (New York) Times!

We need to be aware of the thought police. The arts cultivate healthy diversity . Reduction of this funding cuts deep into our heartland and eventually could cut our throats.

L. Ford

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