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Saturday, June 21, 2003

How About Fewer Stories On The Amazing Tactics Of Thieves?

By Jennifer Reeves

Your Newsweek article is terrific. I'm not surprised people are responding to it. You are voicing what many of us think and feel concerning the arts.

Considering the sentiments in your article, I have some questions. Under the visual arts heading for Artsjournal, why are there so many articles on art theft and/or mostly articles having to do with money? Why don't you include more articles from Modern Painters, Art in America etc.?

I wish someone would cover more than the mainstream newspapers with the same concept of highlighting reviews and essays of intellectual interest and vision (not just NEWS worthy stuff). Wouldn't this help fight the dumbing down of the arts community as well as our world community at large?

When I read Artsjournal my favorite part is usually the Ideas section. Shouldn't it be the same for the other sections because, after all, isn't that what the arts are for? The growth of our minds? Less emphasis on the amazing tactics of thieves please. That would be wonderful.

I know your stated intent on the home page is to cover the mainstream papers but what if they're not writing anything of profound interest? What if they're not doing the job? (for the most part)

nevertheless, a fan,

Jennifer Reeves

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