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Thursday, March 27, 2003

Music From Brainwaves Not The First

By Frank J. Oteri

I was really intrigued to read the Wired story, "Brain music: Not Much to Dance to" that you linked to in today's music digest (Thursday, March 27, 2003 "Truly Cerebral Music" . However, I was a little dismayed that both the story and your summary of it treated music made from brainwaves as a new phenomenon when American composer Alvin Lucier, who currently teaches at Wesleyan University, made music with brainwaves nearly 40 years ago using his own brainwaves as well as those of another major American avant-garde composer Pauline Oliveros.  The resultant piece, Music for Solo Performer, has been recorded and is available on an LP from Lovely Music Ltd. 
Maybe this story will be incentive for Lovely Music to re-issue this important musical landmark on CD.
Best wishes,
Frank J. Oteri
American Music Center

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