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Monday, December 16, 2002


By Thomas G. Beischer

If you really desire to establish give and take on the site, which seems to be one of your intentions, then why censor the article from the Art Newspaper about DIA.  This publication is not exactly known for its hack journalism.  And while the DIA letter makes some persuasive points, it would be nice to let the readers see exactly to what it is responding (and something they can find in any case a few clicks away at the Art Newspaper site!).

I think this was truly poor decision making by your editor, who I have always found to be wonderfully independent of the powerful 'forces of persuasion" that tend to squelch some art world news.  Keep up the good work and don't give in!

Enjoy the holidays and thanks for your dedication to the arts.

Editor's Note:

It's actually not censorship - editors at The Art Newspaper took down their own stories after they were contacted by Dia - readers referred by our link to the story were getting an error message that the page didn't exist anymore.

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