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Archives for October 2009

They Don’t Have WiFi In This Coffee Shop, Do They?

Moving into a new community, even for a short time, requires adaptation. When traveling in America, I usually find these adjustments to be small in scale and yet strangely frustrating--challenges of the "they sell 10 kinds of Coke and yet there's not a single bottle of plain seltzer at the gas station?!?" variety. And grumble though I do about eating dinner before six, the lack of public transport, and what's not playing at the local cineplex--basically, the way people live their lives in … [Read more...]

Music My Mom Likes

Indeed!Hipsters everywhere should take heed. Buble's success demonstrates the enormous power of that not-yet-banished sector of entertainment consumers: uncool people. While their tastes may account for zero percent of the stories America's hipster-obsessed music press writes, they still control a vast swath of the actual music spending dollar. [via Gawker] … [Read more...]

Song of Ourselves

I'm seriously into musicals lately, of a television kind. First there was this, and now this: The humor lies in having actually sat in the theater when the curtain went up once or twice, though, no? Would it, could it actually be a murderously good joke without that part? … [Read more...]

Thou Shalt Not Joke!

As anyone who has lived some of it knows, there is plenty of funny to be found in orchestra life [link via Adaptistration], but there are people who get anxious when you giggle over it. I love that Leonard Slatkin (or the people behind his website at least--anyone know if he'd be the sort to pen this kind of thing himself? Leonard, are you out there?) was willing to go there. I mean, it  has impact precisely because it's a Music Director of Slatkin's reputation tossing out ideas like: … [Read more...]

Without You(r Donation), We’re Doomed

Considering I've had my head buried in the "so how are we going to pay for this whole internet journalism thingy" issue quite a bit over the past couple of weeks, I read this article covering "public radio's 10 most effective fundraising strategies" with a close eye. I mean, what NPR listener hasn't groaned aloud when turning on the radio in the wee hours only to discover that she is going to have to endure the guilt trip that is the week-long fundraiser? Still most of us remain unable to change … [Read more...]

A Funny Thing Happened On My Way To Get Coffee

Well, kids, a cold and steady October rain is falling and the radiators are knocking. I'm not complaining, however, because such changes in the season are all strangely comforting to this Midwestern girl's heart. Also, I have a stack of New Yorker's to catch up on and the Shouts & Murmurs contributions are making me laugh so hard I'm scaring the cat. First, in last week's issue we got a few words on program notes: "The Dialogue Between the Wind and the Sea" pits roiling strings against … [Read more...]

Some Enchanted iPhone App

For some reason, I tend to drag my feet when the idea of adopting some snazzy new technology is introduced. Hand cranked pasta maker? That's just practical. iPhone? Um, now really, do I need that? No, of course I don't. But staring out at a sea of panel attendees taking pictures and video with their iPhones last week suggested to me that it was perhaps wise that I board this bandwagon already if I was going to continue working in internet media. (Also, a bit later when starvation was eminent and … [Read more...]

Everything You Need to Know About the Future Of Music

In the past week, I've had the chance to take in both the National Summit on Arts Journalism at USC Annenberg (via webcast) and the Future of Music Coalition's three-day Policy Summit (in person, and this one included a two-hour round table on the "Critical Condition" as well--and they let me play too!--so I feel like I doubled down in that department). Anyway, it was an eye-opening, career-examining, industry-evaluating set of events, and though being a "music" "journalist" sort of feels like … [Read more...]

Baby Remember My Name

There is a fleeting moment in Bright Star, Jane Campion's quietly powerful film chronicling the last year or so of John Keats' life, when the poet reports that two people wrote glowing reviews of his new collection of poems. They were both friends of his, he is careful to mention. Then there were a handful of mixed appraisals and "four hostile" notices. Someone listening to this account, trying to be encouraging, asks Keats if that means it's selling well then, and there is an awkward silence. … [Read more...]

Now Put Your Hands Up

You can lip sync with it, Kanye can, um, advocate for it, and babies who can't even walk yet can dance to it on national TV. Maybe "Single Ladies" is the video of the year? Personally, I like how this crew slowed down, sat down, and made a whole new version. … [Read more...]

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