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8/4, 130 BPM and a Chick Who Can Spit

Thought I’d coast you into the weekend with a little Baltimore Club. In a different context, would we be calling this a piece of great post-minimalism? Just sayin’.

Local connection of the visuals, the pro vs homemade video play, the completely confident delivery: I’m totally taken in by Rye Rye. So was MIA. I’m not feeling confident enough to even venture into live Bmore club (I’m too much a librarian type to shake it back up with any degree of cool), but I hope to get brave and stand unobtrusively at the back of the room some day soon.


  1. That was hot!!! :)

  2. Brilliant post-minimalist rocking off, no doubt. I love this song, and the thorough Baltimore-ness and community love shown in the video. This was actually the first B-more Club song that I acquired on vinyl, when my wife randomly picked it out for me this past Christmas. Still one of my favorites. The producer of this song, DJ Blaqstarr, is probably going to be the one to break B-more Club onto the national scene. The genre has been flourishing and evolving here for more than 2 decades but little known outside of the 410 area code.

  3. holy wow, that rocked. hot damn. i really liked the imagery in the video, too: sexy without being skanky or scary, just everybody having a good time. thanks for the tip, molly!

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