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Archives for July 2008

Once More, With Feeling

Pity the Deerhoof fan with only Suzuki training to fall back on: The band's latest single, "Fresh Born," has been released via an über-hip delivery method the kids are calling "sheet music".  Check out the competition and then upload your own version. … [Read more...]

Hey, Let’s Put On a Show!

Remember that time you and the other kids in the neighborhood strung up a bed sheet curtain in the garage and put on a show? Oh, wait, that was my memory? Well, anyway, Counterstream Radio and New Amsterdam Records have lined up some musical madness for the final East River Music Project show of the season on August 16 (doors at 2 p.m.), and we hope it will earn a place on your personal summer concert calendar. Join us for sets from itsnotyouitsme, Mark Dancigers, Jacob Cooper's Timberbrit, … [Read more...]

Just the Next Big Bang

The problem with The Signal's mélange, she said, is that "I don't know what's coming," i.e. whether the next thing will be a composed piece for orchestra or a recording from the last Pop Montreal festival. The quote above was lifted from this article in Toronto's Globe and Mail which I loved for its thought-poking potential. I'm no proponent of taking up the "elitist" yoke when it comes to any one particular genre of music, and mixing it up does seem the fashion-forward pose, but when is it … [Read more...]

8/4, 130 BPM and a Chick Who Can Spit

Thought I'd coast you into the weekend with a little Baltimore Club. In a different context, would we be calling this a piece of great post-minimalism? Just sayin'. Local connection of the visuals, the pro vs homemade video play, the completely confident delivery: I'm totally taken in by Rye Rye. So was MIA. I'm not feeling confident enough to even venture into live Bmore club (I'm too much a librarian type to shake it back up with any degree of cool), but I hope to get brave and stand … [Read more...]

Dizzy While Standing Still

Curious if it's protected by U.S. Copyright? Slide down the slippery slope with me. My fav is to set it on "Between 1979 - January 1, 2003" and then click on the asterisk mouse-over. Copyright law comprehension is part of my job and, like income tax preparation, its complexity still blows my mind. Spins you right round, baby, doesn't it? (Thx for the lead, FJO) … [Read more...]

Gone Gonzo

Hunter S. Thompson was a twisted sort of role model for me to have had back when I was still wide-eyed Molly Sheridan, cub reporter, and I find that there's really not a lot of call for that kind of journalism (other than how to tip a whiskey bottle) now that my beat is the new music field. But maybe there should be. There are plenty of musicians around who could provide the "say what?" and Quentin Tarantino could provide the composer-associated profanity. Yes, hyperbole, but instead of … [Read more...]

Of Lawns, Linen, and a Little Light Lunch Music

If you're up for a road trip, can I just point out how delicious this New Albion festival at Bard College looks? Makes me want to camp out under a tree for the duration. For those whose complexions and gas budgets make attending summer concerts in the middle of the forest prohibitive, the Internet sneaks you in through a backstage entrance without requiring that you exit your living room. Hot tickets include the Aspen and Tanglewood festivals. Hours of fresh Elliott Carter await. … [Read more...]

Villain Seeks Vocal Coach

Internet musical melodrama gets "1,000 hits per second".  … [Read more...]

Tell Me I’m Wrong About This

As I've mentioned in this space before, stereotypes can be evil inhibitors of progress, but we all carry them around with us. In the spirit of intervention, I thought I'd throw a few things I've heard lately out into the road (and maybe under the bus). People of a certain age think louder music = better performance. This was actually pointed out to me a couple of days ago, and my mouth was half open to object, but then I promptly shut it. After all, I'm the sort of girl who goes to the symphony … [Read more...]

I Am (Not Alone) Sitting in a Concert Hall

Over on Flyover, John Stoehr has written a post that asks a question we often contemplate individually about a behavior we never seem to quite challenge collectively: In an age of avant-garde music--by his definition work designed to provoke--how polite should the audience be? This choice quote from the post got 'em riled around the office today: During the peak of the avant-garde - during the careers of John Cage, Morton Feldman, Milton Babbitt - there was no concern about the audience. … [Read more...]

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