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Turn It On: Mastering the 24/7 Creativity Switch

Can we declare today Create Something Day? Or how about this week?


I bring it up because I’m feeling inspired, and David Morneau is my flashing beacon. Every day for the past year David has produced a new 60-second composition, and his personal creative marathon is over today! Congrats, David! 

Like the most irritating news reporter, I rode along side him during the home stretch and shouted out some questions from the air-conditioned pace car. Morneau must not have been even slightly winded, because he gave me some of the most thoughtful and inspired answers I’ve heard in a long while. Now I really want to make some art myself. And I think some serious deadline pressure is what it’s going to take to make it happen.

[cue theme music]

Get the Morneau creativity pep talk here and listen to the music here.


  1. David says that “ScrubM” (October 27) is one of his favorite pieces of the 365. But does he have a singular favorite? Also: What’s his birthday, and what’s the piece for that day?

  2. Corey — it’s very hard to pick one as a singular favorite, there are so many that I really love. One that is definitely a candidate as my favorite piece is Hot (July 18). Almost a year later it still makes me laugh.
    My birthday is May 2, the piece that day (Big Feet Birthday) is a collage built from a song that my uncle recorded for the occasion of my thirteenth birthday.

  3. Nice work, David. John Oswald should be proud!
    Can you set these pieces up as a podcast feed by any chance — a daily feed that would reset each year? The podcast could consist of the 60-second piece followed by a voiceover of you reading the description from your blog followed by an encore of the same 60-second piece. Alternatively, can you set up a URL where people can click a button to randomly select one of the 365 pieces?
    I ask these questions because I have a slight case of “too many choices” anxiety when I think of selecting a sampling of pieces to listen to. (That’s partly why I asked for your favorite and for your birthdate.) Something like a podcast or a random date-generator might help to assuage that “too many choices” anxiety.
    At any rate, carry on! There’s still the special bonus leap-year piece that needs creating, yes?

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