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What Can Dance Teach Us About Learning? — From the Dana Foundation

Here comes another piece on arts education and the brain, from The Dana Foundation's Cerebrum Magazine. I have to say, I love this stream of pieces that is being generated by Dana. This piece, What Dance Can Teach Us About Learning? "highlights the importance of including physical learning in the classroom, to stimulate creativity, increase motivation and bolster social intelligence."The AON experiments provide glimpses into a brain system that is exquisitely tuned to learn and to understand physical knowledge. Such insights from … [Read more...]

My Dinner with Merce and its Connection to Cultural Policy

I wanted to end this very hot. humid, and WET New York summer week by recalling a swell dinner I had once with Merce Cunningham and Laura Kuhn, Director of The Cage Trust.I won't recount what the obits and testaments said very well about Merce as a truly giant, emblematic figure of modern dance and creativity in American during the 20th and early 21st centuries. I have something to add to it.When I worked at the American Music Center, I was fortunate to have gotten to know Merce a little bit. Some parties at his house, many performances, … [Read more...]

Can the Arts be a Central Part of Urban School Improvement?

Well, of course. Unfortunately, that answer is not widely known or embraced among the policy elites. That's part of our job as advocates.Middle School 223, once shuttered as one of the most violent middle schools in New York City, was reopened in 2003 as M.S. 223/The Laboratory School of Finance and Technology. Today, Principal Ramon Gonzalez says attendance is about 4 percent higher than at any middle school in the area. Meanwhile, test scores have risen from an 8 or 9 percent competency in reading and math to a whopping 65 percent of students … [Read more...]

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