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My Best Work as a Teaching Artist: An Arts Education Reflection

I am finding it pretty difficult to get excited about Arts Education Week, as recognized by the US House of Representatives. Arts Education Week is a good thing, of course, no one is likely to argue otherwise. And yes, I am big on the idea of building steps in a ladder and it would be fair to view this designation as a step in the ladder of all of our work in arts education. I wanted to do something on Dewey21C about Arts Education Week. It won't be much of a celebration, and it certainly won't overstate the importance of Arts Education … [Read more...]

USDOE Announces 2010 Arts Ed Model Development and Dissemination Grants

The list of 2010 USDOE AEMDD grantees has been posted to the USDOE website. Click here for the AEMDD section of the USDOE website.33 grants were made; 200 applications were reviewed. The project abstracts have yet to be posted. One would imagine the USDOE is just a bit busy, what with Race to the Top and i3 in full swing, adjudication-wise. For the previous full round of AEMDD in 2008, there were 74 applications reviewed. The rough economy has made for stiff competition.From the USDOE Website:PROGRAM DESCRIPTION The program supports … [Read more...]

Apologies to All

Listening to Diane Ravitch on Leonard Lopate just about makes me want to cry; if you click through the previous post you may very well feel the same way. So, I thought it might be good to offer a respite. For all those who are heading towards some sort of apology, or would like to forget their most recent apology, I present you The Apologies of the Week, a favorite section from Harry Shearer's Le Show, on NPR.For all those who would like proof that there is truth to the phrase "making matters worse," click here to listen to this select segment … [Read more...]

Why Arts Education is Important–What My Daughter Taught Me

I have a four-year-old daughter, Sophie. Last July, one of my very first blog entries, Daddy Don't You Have Some Baby Music?,  was about how she had already developed her own personality, taste, and requisite ability to discern styles of music. That entry is in my archives.Okay, so last week, juggling family obligations, I had to take a day off from work to watch Sophie. Towards the afternoon, as I was starting to enervate, she asked me if she could paint at her easel. She's got one of these swell plastic easels, with lots of space to … [Read more...]

A Good Read on Obama’s Education Agenda

It's still very early, and our President has a thing or two to deal with. So, like many, I am still giving him the benefit of the doubt on education (as well as the banks), while liking some of what he's doing in other areas.I know at least one person who has the viewpoint that Obama has managed to do things in education that please both the traditional left and the traditional right. He's given the left much greater dollars than ever before. He's given the right support for charter schools, expanded testing, merit pay for teachers, and more.Of … [Read more...]

Juillard Makes Cuts to MAP Program

In today's New York Times there is an article about cuts Juilliard is making to it's Musical Advancement Program (MAP), which serves low income students. The article also mentions cutbacks made to the Academy program, but doesn't provide details.This news comes on the heels of the Curtis Institute announcing a new facility. It's a good example of the schizoid nature of the world, all challenge and opportunity, I guess. It's big money flowing through the stimulus while all sorts of cuts are occurring across all sectors of the economy. … [Read more...]

Continuing Problems with LA’s Arts High School

What a mess. But how often do you see someone challenging Eli Broad?At first it was to be a regular high school to help with overcrowding in the area. Then it became part of the Grand Avenue redevelopment led by Eli Broad, leading to the building of a $242 million state of the art facility. It was to become the "Fame" high school for Los Angeles.Then it became a zoned arts high school for kids in the neighborhood. But not so fast, the school board ruled that 300 of the 1700 slots would be opened up district-wide.They tried to hire an executive … [Read more...]

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