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Guest Blog: Jane Remer’s CliffNotes–Scorched Earth: How Will Arts Education Survive The Current Climate?

It's been a little while since the resident guest blogger on Dewey21C has given us an entry. A big snow day in New York provided the impetus for Jane to get some things off her chest. In a no-holds-barred entry, Jane speaks volumes about the things that trouble so many of us.--RK*************************************************************************************************************As I watch the blizzard obliterate the view from my home office window, I can't help thinking metaphorically about what's going on in our country. I urge you to … [Read more...]

The Integration of the Arts: Composer/Performers Reach Back to the Silent Film Era

There are a few composer performers who are have associated themselves with silent film greats and other great iconic comedians. The first grouping I want to point out is Bill Frisell and Buster Keaton. Then there's Don Byron and Ernie Kovacs. And, there's Dave Douglas and Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle. There are others, most notably composers who have written new scores to major silent films, such as Richard Einhorn's Voices of Light: The Passion of Joan of Arc, which is a opera/oratorio Einhorn composed for Carl Dryer's 1927 silent film. Then you … [Read more...]

The Third Annual NYCDOE Arts in the Schools Report: Cognitive Dissonance

This week the NYCDOE released its third Annual Arts in the School Report. Along with about thirty colleagues primarily from the arts field, I attended the report presentation at the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs.The document itself must be applauded for all the work that went into it. In this difficult economy, the mere existence of this report must be given its due. The point of this blog entry is to push the NYCDOE to dig deeper, for the sake of our students and their families.If you want to read the really good news, here's … [Read more...]

Ted Wiprud, NY Philharmonic Arts Education Advanceman On Tour: Guest Blog #2

To read Ted's first blog; click this link.Within the Western educational system, the Teaching Artist attempts the most complete realization of student-centered learning. To borrow from Eric Booth, the word "education" has the Latin root "ducare" - to lead or draw, with the prefix "e-", out. The fundamental stance of the Teaching Artist is that every learner has inherent capacities that can be brought out by encounters with art. The encounter evokes a desire to know more, experience more, create more, that ignites learning. If this is a … [Read more...]

NAEP Arts Assessment Released

It's been eleven years since the last arts assessment from the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), known as the "Nation's Report Card." NAEP is also widely viewed as the gold standard of educational assessment.On Friday June 15th, the 2008 "Arts Report Card" was released. Before I get into anything else, I do have to say how important it is that NAEP includes the arts. While there will be big and small issues to debate, the effort here is important and hopefully something that can be done again in less than 11 years, while being … [Read more...]

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