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Archives for September 2011

I Hate to Be Out of Step: Have the Dividing Lines Among Musical Genres Disappeared?

I have had many a conversation about how the dividing lines among musical genres (and other arts disciplines) were "breaking down or blurring." So, as I was watching this video about a really swell festival taking place next month, "Sonic: Sounds of a New Century" by The American Composers Orchestra, I was quite struck by John Schaefer talking about the group of young composers (and I would add performers) for whom the dividing lines have simply disappeared. Take a look at this terrific teaser video, and follow the link below it if you … [Read more...]

Batuta — Columbia’s El Sistema. An Essay by Eric Booth and Tricia Tunstall

As I write, I am staring out the window on the 7:00 Acela heading to DC from New York Penn Station. I have a board meeting of Common Core, for which I am board treasurer. What was a sunny day in New York, has turned into a deep fog. The train moves through the fog like a bullet through space. Oh, and let me make a plug for the upcoming report by Common Core on the narrowing of the curriculum. recently published a nice little feature. Fortunately, there is no fog to be pierced in Eric Booth and Tricia Tunstall's essay Batuta, the … [Read more...]

Whiplash: Moving From K-12 to Higher Education

For those who have followed Dewey21C, hopefully you've noticed that I have been silent since the end of July. A month off from work followed that last post, and as we're blowing through September, I have started a new chapter in my career as Dean of the Mannes College The New School for Music. It's not all that often that one gets a month off. It was a month that I viewed as time to leave behind the past seven years at The Center for Arts Education, while clearing my mind for the very new challenge of leading a music conservatory that is … [Read more...]

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