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Guest Blog, Jane Remer: In Memoriam, Renee Darvin

In Memoriam – Renee Darvin
Alas, alack the good die way too young, but I am glad to have seen, hugged and kissed Renee “goodbye” at a jam-packed gathering in her honor just a few weeks ago at Teachers College. I will keep the memory of her calm and smiling loveliness as she sat in the queen’s seat with all her subjects around…all thanks to Judy Burton and the Art and Art Education Department.
I have known and worked with Renee since the sixties, admiring her ability as a dedicated, imaginative and totally focused arts teacher of the young at Beach Channel High and then the graduate students at TC. She was an amazing woman, strong in heart and commitment to her work, her friends and the arts as education. It is amazing how cancer can carry away the charged spirit and energy she had a mere two weeks ago…I will miss her.
Jane Remer

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