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“Happy Holidays”: Nimble Bigelow Dances Through Crystal Bridges Museum

Rod is no clod. In one of the most engaging (but also slightly troubling) emailed holiday greetings I’ve seen this season, Bigelow, executive director and chief diversity and inclusion officer (a mouthful) of the Crystal Bridges Museum, Bentonville, gracefully trips the light fantastic through the otherwise visitor-free galleries. His footwork is pegged to the museum’s current exhibition, The Art of American Dance.

But what if he really did trip while leaping among works by Bingham, Beaux, Sargent, Chase and Nick Cave (three of which are loans from other museums) during his fantasy night at the museum? And might some visitors be inspired to follow Rod’s sterling example?

New litany for the guards: “No flash photos. No foxtrots.”

Screenshot from Crystal Bridges’ holiday video

I knew and admired Bigelow as the museum’s financial expert (its former deputy director of operations and administration). I never knew he had dance (let alone art) in his résumé. Could it be that he’s a natural at both?

Some credit for this must go to Karen Castleman, a Northwest Arkansas dancer and teacher, who choreographed Rod’s routine:

With Crystal Bridges a close second, my favorite holiday greeting from a cultural organization is the NY Philharmonic’s, especially for its crisp jinglebell intro:

Best Wishes from CultureGrrl for an Art-Filled Holiday Season!

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