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Taubman Was No Havemeyer: Sotheby’s Rough Night (My Live Tweets)

A lot was riding on Sotheby’s “Masterworks” sale from the Taubman Collection tonight, and it was a rough ride. Luckily, I’ll be traveling starting tomorrow, which means that I’m unlikely to post on the other big auctions until after my return.

As you’ll see below, not only was the bidding erratic, but so was the sale’s souped-up technology. And what was CEO Tad Smith thinking when he tried to warm up the crowd, like an emcee, before auctioneer Oliver Barker got down to business?

Tad Smith, Sotheby's CEO, at the beginning of the "Masterworks" auction

Tad Smith, Sotheby’s new CEO, introducing the “Masterworks” auction

For those who want the full illustrated price list from tonight, go here.

For my own play-by-play of this evening’s action (and inaction), below is my live tweets:

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