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BlogBack: George Washington University on Its Plans for Corcoran College


Candace Smith, George Washington University’s assistant vice president for media relations, responds to Do You Know the Way to Cy Près? What’s Wrong with Corcoran’s Court Petition, in which I quoted the university’s student newspaper regarding the possible pricing for new Corcoran students and possible new course requirements:

It’s important to remember that most of GW’s students do not pay the full tuition sticker price.  In fact, GW offers generous financial aid packages to the majority of our students, including a number of scholarships based on academic performance, merit or talent.  We are looking at expanding these opportunities.   If you factor in the amount of aid students receive, GW is not among the most expensive schools in the country.  This is often referred to as “net price.”

At this point,  there have been no decisions regarding required courses for Corcoran students who will enroll in classes beginning in the fall of 2015 and thereafter.  Faculty committees will be addressing curriculum requirements.

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