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Getty Bronze Court Decision Postponed Again

"Victorious Youth," aka the Getty Bronze, 300-100 B.C. Photo by Lee Rosenbaum

“Victorious Youth” aka the Getty Bronze, Greek, 300-100 B.C.
Photo by Lee Rosenbaum

Italy’s highest court, the Court of Procrastination…I mean, “Cassation,” punted once again in the never-ending Getty Bronze case.

This just in from the Getty Museum:

The Court’s official report, which was issued today, simply states: “Stayed pending hearing by the Constitutional Court.”

Why has the court repeatedly balked on bringing this case to conclusion? Might it be that the judges are reluctant to issue the decision that they feel is legally warranted but that would roil Italy’s repatriationists? (A lower court ruling was in the Getty’s favor.)

In an editorial about the Getty Bronze, posted online Monday night, the LA Times maintained (unsurprisingly) that LA “where it should stay.”

So far, the Italy’s highest court has declined to take exception to that assessment.

COMING SOON: More on Getty’s antiquities plans.

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