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More on Joseph Lewis Antiquities Case: Dealer Got More Than Wrist-Slap

Cultural Heritage Lawyer blogger Ricardo St. Hilaire

Cultural Heritage Lawyer blogger Ricardo St. Hilaire

Thanks to Cultural Heritage Lawyer blogger Ricardo St. Hilaire, I now have more complete information about the court sentence for dealer Mousa Khouli, one of the three co-defendants of collector Joseph Lewis (against whom charges were dismissed) in a federal criminal case involving Egyptian antiquities.

In my previous post on this case, I wrote:

The one who got the worst of it, dealer Mousa Khouli of Windsor Antiquities, New York, “received a one-year suspended prison sentence after pleading guilty in April 2012 to smuggling Egyptian cultural property into the U.S. and making a false statement to law enforcement,” according to [Mark] Bowes’ report [in the Richmond Times-Dispatch]—a wrist-slap.

But St. Hilaire has informed me that although Khouli’s sentence involved no jail time, it was more severe than reported in the Times-Dispatch.

St. Hilaire posted this in on his blog, back in November 2012:

Judge Edward R. Korman on November 20 sentenced Khouli to terms that included six months home confinement [emphasis added] one year probation, up to 200 hours of community service, and a criminal monetary assessment of $200….Khouli also agreed to forfeit the property seized.

I have confirmed the accuracy of St. Hilaire’s report by consulting the online case-filing system for the U.S. District Court, Eastern District of New York.

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