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Make Art, Not War: CultureGrrl Bumped Off (NPR) by AK-47 Rifle


I presciently prefaced my brief announcement last night of my NPR cameo on the Detroit Institute of Arts’ situation by saying that I’d be on air this morning “if all goes according to plan.”


Having spent an entirely unplanned 10 hours last night and this morning in the Memorial Sloan-Kettering emergency room with my already sick friend who had developed acute appendicitis, I finally headed to bed when most people were heading to work. Up at noon, I learned that the Detroit segment had been bumped (for a third time) to tomorrow morning. In other words, “all” did not “go according to plan.”

The Detroit discussion was “bumped for a Kalashnikov remembrance,” the NPR interviewer told me in an e-mail. That’s Mikhail Kalashnikov, inventor of the “iconic AK-47 automatic rifle,” who had died at 94.

If all now goes according to plan (?!?!), those of my art-lings who celebrate Christmas can unwrap presents tomorrow while listening to CultureGrrl on NPR’s “Morning Edition.” Those of you who don’t find that an enchanting prospect can catch me later (New Year’s Eve?) at NPR’s online link, which I’ll post tomorrow (if this thing actually does air tomorrow).

Life is full of uncertainties…

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