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Who Wants to Be My 10,000th Twitter Follower?


My @CultureGrrl Twitter header

I may actually miss the moment when my big Twitter landmark—10,000 followers—occurs. In fact, as far as my entire online existence (including blogging) is concerned, I’m going to be missing a great deal this month. That’s because I have two trips scheduled in rapid succession—a vacation and a workation.

During my travels, I’m not going to be as fixated as I usually am on e-mail, Twitter or online news. That said, I will probably not be able to restrain myself from the occasional tweet. So if you want some inkling as to what I’m doing and what’s on my mind, you can continue following me on @CultureGrrl. Those of you who followed my tweets at about this time last year, when I visited Israel, may remember that things got a little too interesting—a series of mortar attacks.

This time, if I’m true to form, it could be shark attacks. But I may be confining myself to relatively tame adventures on land (along with intensive bouts of beach lolling): For the last two weeks I’ve been semi-functional, thanks to a robust respiratory infection, enhanced by an occasional low fever. (If you’ve noticed that my posts have been a bit wan lately, that’s why.)

All of this is to say that I’d like to be able to acknowledge my 10,000th Twitter follower, but I’m not sure whether I’ll be online to capture that moment. (If I can, I will.)

Right now, I’m at 9,987. Which new follower will be my lucky 13th?

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