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Companion Slideshow for My WSJ Piece on Kimbell’s Piano Pavilion

Better late than never, below is my annotated slideshow illustrating the works and installation details that I mentioned in my review of the Renzo Piano-designed addition to the Kimbell Art Museum—How the Kimbell’s Piano Pavilion Interacts With the Art—published in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal.

In the hardcopy newspaper (as distinguished from the online website), my article is titled, “The Movable Feast Within Its Walls.” “Its” refers to the headline in the article published above mine, as part of the WSJ’s full-page Kimbell coverage: Julie Iovine‘s mixed review of the Piano Pavilion’s architecture—Piano’s New Coda to Kahn’s Masterwork.)

Here’s my CultureGrrl Slideshow, showing the pluses and minuses of the inaugural installation:

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