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On the Waterfront: Guggenheim’s New Helsinki Proposal

Guggenheim Helsinki's proposed waterfront site

Guggenheim Helsinki’s proposed waterfront site

Away on assignment last week, I’ve been blissfully ignorant, until just now, of this Guggenheim Helsinki development (on the Guggenheim Museum’s website):

Guggenheim Foundation Presents a New Proposal for a Guggenheim Helsinki

September 24, 2013

Before an audience representing a cross-section of Helsinki’s cultural, civic, and business communities, leaders of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation today shared a revised proposal for developing a Guggenheim museum in Helsinki.

The purpose of the event was to inform the people of Helsinki and of Finland about the Guggenheim’s latest thinking about the project in order to inaugurate an extended period of public discussion and propose an architectural competition as the next step.

My brief Google search suggests that the mainstream media (including Finnish journalists) have paid scant attention, so far, to this development.

Because I’m deep into a non-Finnish (and unfinished) mainstream-media piece with a tight deadline, I’ll have no time until next week to peruse the complete 36-page proposal. But from the above-linked summary, the new plan seems to take into account some of the objections raised by critics (including me) to this controversial gambit.

If you want to get a jump on me, art-lings, you can read the entire new Guggenheim Helsinki proposal here.

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