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Coming Soon on KCRW: My “Which Way, L.A.?” Commentary on MOCA/LACMA/USC/NGA


Warren Olney, host of KCRW’s “Which Way, L.A.?”

Want to know what I think about the astonishing news (reported this afternoon by the NY TimesPatricia Cohen) that Eli Broad has approached the National Gallery, Washington, about a possible LACMA-trumping agreement for a five-year collaboration?

You can hear me debunk that proposal as “kicking the can down the road” on public radio station KCRW‘s Which Way, L.A.?, tonight at about 7 p.m. (LA time). I’ll post the KCRW podcast on CultureGrrl, when available.

My comments were part of a discussion led by veteran host Warren Olney that included Christopher Knight, art critic for the LA Times and Cindy Bernard, co-founder of MOCA Mobilization, an ad hoc group. (I chime in late.)

Knight reveals what he knows about the details of the merger-blocking clause in MOCA’s 2008 Broad Bailout agreement. (My queries about what the penalties could be for violation of that agreement are still unanswered.)

The long, strange saga continues…

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