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Flower Power: A Personal Note…

Shower Flowers Photo by Lee Rosenbaum

Shower Flowers
Photo by Lee Rosenbaum

Those of you who follow my @CultureGrrl Twitter feed (embedded on the blog, at right) know I was in Washington, DC, last week (on assignment). Now I need to write that article, host CultureDaughter‘s bridal shower (centerpiece pictured) and undergo (gulp) cataract surgery on my left eye—all in rapid succession.

After that come preparations for a family Passover seder (late March), for a talk and media interviews in the Midwest (early April) and for the wedding (late May). I’ve got another Big Event in June, but more on that when it happens.

All of which is to say that blogging will not be high on my priority list for at least the next two weeks (maybe more). I’ll try my best to tweet and post sporadically, but I hope you’ll be patient with me during this semi-hiatus.

As you may remember, shortly after I had surgery on my right eye, I had a too-close theatrical encounter with Benjamin Walker (who is now better known for his current close theatrical encounters with Scarlett Johansson).

Who knows what may happen this time? My first post-surgery theatergoing will (if all goes well) be Don Carlo at the Metropolitan Opera.


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