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The New Improved(?) CultureGrrl: Makeover Madness


I apologize to those of you who, like me, may have experienced some technological trauma (or, in my case, utter panic) during today’s CultureGrrl transition to this new format. Many of you (including me) probably encountered broken links (leading to error messages) that should have connected you to my previous posts. This was happening, for a while, with links from my blog, the ArtsJournal homepage or my Twitter feed.

I think things are working better now, but do inform me by hitting my “Contact” button on the upper left, if you’re having problems. You may also find some strange-looking line breaks on some of my older posts, but that doesn’t compromise your ability to access and read them.

The facelift wasn’t perfect, but it’s the same old CultureGrrl under the cosmetic makeover. Would anyone like to dress me up with some ads in the righthand column?

I kinda miss my cheery red banner that used to be on top. CultureGrrl‘s gone gray, just like me!


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